Exam Logistics

The final exam will be held in-person on Friday, May 12, 3–6pm PT.

If you need to take the exam remotely at that time, or if you need to take the alternate exam (6–9pm PT, in-person only), or if you have another exam at the same time, or if you need DSP accommodations, please fill out this form by Monday, May 1, 11:59 PM PT. We will respond to all form submissions after the form closes.

Cheat Sheets

  • You can use 4 handwritten two-sided cheat sheets for the final.
  • Cheat sheets must be handwritten. Handwritten tablet notes may be printed and used.

In-Person Exam Logistics

  • In-person exams will be conducted in assigned exam rooms. You will receive confirmation of your exam room the day before the exam.

Remote Logistics

  • Before the exam:
    • We’ll email you a Zoom link a day or two before the exam.
  • On the day of the exam:
    • Join the Zoom meeting on the computer you will be using and share your entire screen.
    • Set up a camera showing your workspace (e.g. join Zoom on your phone, or turn on a webcam feed). You don’t need to share audio.
    • At 3:10 PM, you will be emailed a PDF of the exam, and an answer sheet assignment will appear on Gradescope. (Demo answer sheet.)
    • You should only have the exam PDF and the Gradescope answer sheet on your screen during the exam.
    • If you have clarification questions, DM a proctor using the Zoom chat. The top of your answer sheet has a link to the clarifications.
    • When you’re done, you can just leave the call. The Gradescope answer sheet will close at 6:00 PM PT.
  • Technical issues:
    • Don’t worry if your video feed disconnects briefly during the exam.
    • If you encounter significant technical problems, don’t worry about video proctoring and focus on finishing the exam.
    • We may ask some students to take a short verbal exam after the exam and explain how to solve one or more problems that are similar to an exam question they got right.
    • If you encounter Internet problems, write your answers locally and send them to cs161-staff@berkeley.edu as soon as the exam is over.
    • If you need to use the bathroom, just leave the video feed on while you’re away.
  • Privacy policy:
    • Course staff will not save any images or recordings from the proctoring session after the exam is over.
    • Course staff will respect your privacy and not disclose any information from the proctoring session after the exam, except in cases of academic dishonesty.
    • Every case of potential academic dishonesty will be manually reviewed, and you’ll be able to discuss the situation with the instructor.
    • You have the option to join the meeting with your SID as your display name for anonymity.
    • We will tell you who your proctor is before the exam. You have the option to switch proctors for any reason: please reach out privately before the exam if you would like to switch proctors.